Monday, 1 September 2014

Rosalinda x Shopdeca

I had the privilege of collaborating with, where I was invited to curate a selection of my favorite products from the site. If you didn't know already, is a Jakarta based online lifestyle store providing a tasteful selection of products ranging from fashion, home living, tech gadgets, travel companions and other novelties. Highlighting all your favorite international indie labels and emerging fashion designers, Shopdeca is a one stop shop for all your lifestyle needs. You can click the link here to see the my curation page! 

So here is my first styled look, still in a very faithful dressing formula with comfort as my top priority. I opted for Apparel After Dark's Spaghetti Strap Top in Black as my base canvas. It's clean cutting and minimal straps are pretty much the ideal elements for layering outfits in our tropical country. While you can wear it as it is, covering yourself up with a cardigan is always suggested to combat any unexpected chills, especially air-conditioning chills. My choice was Mink Pink's Fearless Cardigan. The comfort-seeker in me was squealing in excitementthe lightweight fabric and oversized fit makes it so comfortable to live in! Without much thinking, I paired the top with Fer & Dact's Metallic Track Shorts as my bottoms, topping it off with Argyle & Oxford's Slip On Shoes in Silver. I love how the bottoms of my outfit has a matching metallic. While the effect instantly elevates your casual, sloppy outfit into something more fun, the whole ensemble is still very comfortable at the same time. That dressing idea is permanently etched in my style book! 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Japan Travel Diary I

Finally, the long overdue post is up! Whew, I can't believe how many photos I tookI have to do a five post instalment in order to publish everything, starting with today as the first. First of all, I went with my family and my dad's good friend's family, whom we have always travelled with ever since I was in grade 5. Although I may not have a clear photo of her in this whole series, I actually got along with Evaniamy dad's friend's daughter, pretty well. Despite being a few years younger than I am, she is a quiet yet sweet person whom I can connect to directly. I'd say we shared quite a lot in commonespecially our tastes in fashion. She just started a lifestyle and travel blog with a friend, so you can go check her version of our trip and see Japan through her perspective. 

Upon reaching Osaka, it was late night and we stayed in a hotel nearby the airport to recharge after the long transit flights from Jakarta for our road trip to Wakayama the next day. Right after we stepped in Japan, I was already exploding with excitement insideevery little, insignificant thing I found was beyond amazing to me. As soon as we found out that our hotel has a little convenience store, my brother and I went straight ahead and was dazzled by everything Japanesethe weird, exclusive snacks and the little magazine corner. Right after the magazine corner came into view, his bloodshot eyes was set fixed to it and catching up on the latest chapters of his favorite manga was what he did then. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed by the many flavors of bread (yakisoba pan, kare pan, meron pan, etc). Took me a while to pick out food for our trip, but man, we were too easy to please.

In about more or less an hour on the road from Osaka, we arrived at Wakayama, in time for lunch at Kuroshio Fish Market. In Kuroshio Fish Market, you pick out whatever you want, pay, and there is a place outside for you to grill them. Unfortunately, we missed out on the tuna preparation show because we were too excited gobbling down our lunches. We had a crazy seafood feast. Being a seafood addict, I was hastily devouring everything I craved in mindprawns, scallops, oysters, abalone. They were all so fresh. The tiger prawns were my favorite, the meat was succulent, replete with a rich flavor, you barely need anything to season them. You can never have anything as fresh or as affordable in Jakarta, so it was only right for me to satisfy myself to the brim. After a fulfilling lunch, we went to Kinokuni Fruit Village, which is right across Kuroshio Fish market, to buy fresh local Wakayama fruits. The white peaches happened to be in season, and holy son, they were lu-sci-ous. They were so succulent, juicy and tender, you could be having a hard time with the juice dripping all over you. It had a hint of sweetness, but never tasted bland or sour, which is how I like it.

By coincidence, the summer festival was happening in Tanabe, a little town close to Kawakyu Hotel, where we resided that night. It was within a driving distance from our hotel, so after dinner, we decidedly headed there to experience the culture. Having visited Japan for a couple of times in my childhood, never have I once visited the so-called matsuri. It was a total delight, and yet again, we were all beyond thrilled to be there. I happily subject myself to the hectic crowds, wondering aimlessly through the countless food and carnival game stalls while taking in the delectable aroma of sizzling yakisoba and sweet taiyaki wafting through the air. Glittering grins of friends and families were lingering in the festive atmosphere, enveloping me with their lightheartedness and uplifting spirits. As we ventured deeper into the crowd, we chanced upon a goldfish-scooping stall, where my curious brother challenged himself to. It was definitely not as easy as it looks, but nevertheless, he seemed to be contented. We were not there for long, but it was a jam-packed of experience and sights which I'll fondly remember. As I am writing, I feel a sentimental attachment creeping over me, swelling me with an extreme sense of nostalgia. I miss it already. 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


sifr t-shirt, Zara Man sleeveless hooded jacket & bermuda shorts, Zara leather pouch, Nike Lunarglide 6.0 runners

One thing I realized from my recent Japan & Hong Kong trip is that all the clothes I bought is in BLACK. I was casually picking those that caught my eye shops after shops, and never did I realize once I arrived back in the hotel, that when stacked they are in this tall pile of nothing but black. It's really hard, or sometimes impossible even to get out of the realm of darkness once you get in there. I find myself entwined in this vicious cycle, as it slowly eats you up, savoring, until it becomes your whole being. I am not complaining, but rather, I find this obsession that is now a habit invigorating. Black is such an excellent, solid color that stands tall through these ever-changing seasonal patterns. I find that when you are decked in a top-to-toe tonal ensemble that is black, it exudes a statement of its own, one that you can't get from any other colors. 

This what I exactly wore to the airport for my flight to Penang. Hoodie in any form is always an essential for me to wear to any flights of any durations. And this one I got from the mens' section, is the absolute best thanks to its totally oversized hood. I don't know if it's apparent to y'all, but I love the side zippers detail and its low shoulder seam fit. Somehow it elevates this rather casual jacket into another level. And the leather pouch, is one of my most used items recently. I would just slid this down my neck and I'm ready to go run some errands. It will fit just your smart phone, your 3 essential cards and few cash nicely without the bulk. Great buy.