Lonely Hour

COS dress, Nikicio pants, Zara shoes, Baggu bag

while dawn is creeping over
i am thinking of you
you are so vivid in my memory
your healthy-colored skin, your tranquil eyebrows
your beautifully-sculpted nose, your lean physique
you exude subtlety in a way I could not fathom

the sight of you makes me want to cry
and yet everyday, i pray for the sight of you
just one more time, i hoped
and yet i would wish for more
will the gods punish me for such a selfish prayer?

i wonder if you would think of me
just like how I would think of you
will you remember me at least a little?
will i reach you?
we live in two separate worlds
and this is how we never met 


Nikicio printed top, COS pants and outerwear, Zara shoes 

Finally checked that robe coat off the list, and what better than getting it a fraction of its original price! I paired it with a cool, loose silk top to get away with layering in Singapore's kind of weather. A piece from Nikicio's collection way back in 2012, which I hardly gave the time of day, and yet is still pretty relevant to my current way of dressing. I have always delved in such a dark palette, but I can never believe in dressing any other way now.