Singapore Visual Diary I

Pictures are so much more than just a form of visual—they distil our personal moments, connect us to the past and revive our memories without any words. Laden with great nostalgia, they piece together fragments of stories that complete us as a whole being. 

Not only as an artistic medium, photography is also a way of keeping myself grounded. Rather than looking, photography made me see my surroundings. It made me more conscious to the beauty of the simplest things. It exposed me to a great deal of things, like witnessing the deeper side of mankind and feeding my constant hunger to see more of the world. Photography made me aware of other's presence and how they lead their lives, intimately connecting me with people.

There is more to photography than just capturing beautiful frames. I want to be able to capture the true essence of the subjects in relation to the spaces, producing pictures that will tug at people's heartstrings. Pictures that will tell a story. There are deeper dwellings that are yet to be explored, and I have a long, long way to go.

This day marks as the humble beginnings to a hopefully fruitful journey. 


COS shirt and trousers, Zara sweater and shoes 

The weather has been fickle throughout January. Some days there would be a break in the clouds and intermittent sun, all the while melting our skins off, and other days there would be heavy, raucous showers that would last all day, dropping the temperature slightly. Despite the lack of reliable weather phone apps, I am not ready to bid adieu to the glory of winter dressing due to my latest rave with outfit layering (directing all blames to the year-end Hong Kong trip), and therefore find myself trying my own luck while silently praying for appropriate weather. I cannot get enough of how aesthetically pleasing the juxtaposition of proportions and textures is. I love how they give just the slightest tweak to what should be a plain, casual outfit. 


Nikicio t-shirt, Topshop skirt, Zara loafers, Aesthetic Pleasure bag

I'm being quite lousy with my camera as of late, so here's an iPhone-snapped shot of what I was wearing this afternoon. Nevertheless, the quality of image smartphone that camera brings these days do surprise me sometimes.