Summer Suit

H&M Studio suit, Zara top and shoes

Dressing well in summer always requires a little more thought, doubly so in my home country, where summer goes all year round. Options are getting more and more limited, as light-weight, loose-fitting t-shirts and denim cut-offs become a default outfit combination because the sweltering heat promotes an altogether lethargic system that makes elaborate dressing so damn hard. Thanks to Pharrell for the re-emergence of short suits! Short suits provide as an excuse to still dress smartly on warmer days, which in my case, literally everyday. It is sharp but informal at the same time, and it's totally up my alley.


COS sweater and necklace, Zara white top and culottes, Asos slip-ons 

I noticed that the frequency of both my posts here and on Instagram is significantly decreased ever since I arrived in Singapore. It is beginning to dawn on me the pointlessness of it all; the vanity, the pressure to constantly one-up yourself. I used to be so obsessed in generating a blogpost twice a week, curating an Instagram feed that is aesthetically pleasing and doing all I can do to gain more followers. We purchase hyped products (read: Aesop) just so to be relevant when we don't actually use it. What is exactly the purpose of going to great lengths lugging your bulky DSLR just to take photos of your food over and over again? I once even heard that people are starting to bring fake flowers to eateries just to adorn their food snaps. I wonder if under all this is a hidden motive to seek attention and to brag about that 'perfect' life we have?

I might be perceiving things in a way too negative manner, of course I might just be hypocritical myself, and not everyone is like that. But sure enough I am getting fed up of these ostentatious practices. Don't get me wrong, I am always grateful to these social media platforms. They have presented me opportunities, lead me to real-life relationships with amazing individuals and allowed me to polish my creativity. I still love documenting my life. But social media is slowly ruining our lives. It is sucking the life out of us. We use the amount of followers to weigh our worth, we judge people based on how they present themselves online. We try too hard to please everyone. At the end of it all, it just does not amount to anything meaningful. For a moment, why not enjoy what is it that we really like, embrace reality and appreciate everything as it is? 

Lonely Hour

COS dress, Nikicio pants, Zara shoes, Baggu bag

while dawn is creeping over
i am thinking of you
you are so vivid in my memory
your healthy-colored skin, your tranquil eyebrows
your beautifully-sculpted nose, your lean physique
you exude subtlety in a way I could not fathom

the sight of you makes me want to cry
and yet everyday, i pray for the sight of you
just one more time, i hoped
and yet i would wish for more
will the gods punish me for such a selfish prayer?

i wonder if you would think of me
just like how I would think of you
will you remember me at least a little?
will i reach you?
we live in two separate worlds
and this is how we never met