Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lounge Act

The Cult of Nine t-shirt, Olenka shorts, Stradivarius cardigan

This series totally slipped out of my mind and was buried deep down in the stack of folders. Being quite the perfectionist that I am, I totally neglected this one despite it being one of favourite outfits, due to the lack of post-appropriate one body shot. But whatever, this will work. Just imagine me wearing these pair of sandals.

Lately, I have been loving the look of oversized outerwears teamed with t-shirts and lingerie-esque shorts, which apparently looks like a refined version of home clothes. Weekdays call for the most comfortable set, one that you can slip straight into sleep when you feel too damned to carry on. Laid-back, comfortable and chic at the same time—a simple mantra I stand by firmly forever. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Starting Line

Zara t-shirt, Mango shorts, The Scarlet Room vest, Givenchy bag, Dr. Martens boots, A√ÉRK Collective watch 

I have never really gave enough thought about Mango because most of their collection doesn't really seem that appealing to me, but when I passed by their window display and saw these pair of shorts, I just knew I had to dive straight into the store and get it. I have been on the prowl for a pair of athletic shorts (that doesn't look much different from my dingy P.E. shorts) and the unexpected find immediately solved my persisting woes. The black and white color palette silently pleaded the inner minimalist in me and without second thought I financed them. I particularly love the contrasting hem and the fabric which elevates this seemingly sloppy shorts into a whole new level. These insignificant details are those that will steer you away from being too monotone with an all black ensemble. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Wardah Eyeconic Soiree

Friday two weeks ago, Wardah, an Indonesian cosmetic line invited me to a blogger's gathering at Portico Senayan City to introduce the latest additions to their Eye Expert Series, the Staylast Gel Liner & Staylast Liquid Liner. 

Gel liners are always an essential in my make up kit. I find that gel liners are versatile, more longlasting and give you better control for easier application. To my preference, I love how gel gives you a more natural look compared to liquid's really precise line. I have to say that the Staylast Gel Liner has a really smooth, creamy texture which enables applying the line very, very easy. With just few quick strokes, I was able to draw my usual line! The eyeliner is waterproof and smudgeproof that will make the line stay put even from sweat, water and oil. The black color is very intense as well, which is one of the properties you have to look out for in an eyeliner. You wouldn't want a translucent line that seems as if it's going to fade any time soon, right? The gel liner settles into a matte finish that still looks very natural and contains the earth-friendly soybean oil that will keep your eyelids moist. 

Although I prefer my gel liners to liquid liners, there are days when I feel like doing a winged eye liner and I need a more precise line to pull through. My discovery of the Staylast Liquid Liner has definitely changed my entire view of liquid liners. Staylast Liqud Liner contains aloe vera that will keep your lids moist and prevent sunburn. The eyeliner is equipped with a small brush that will enable drawing the thinnest line possible with great precision. Same with the gel liner, the liquid version also has a very intense black color. The liquid liner settles into a glossy & shimmery finish. 

So, give these two liners a try. They won't burn your pockets and yet they are comparable to the higher-end ones. You can check out Wardah's Twitter @wardahbeauty and Instagram @wardahbeauty for more inspirations and updates.