Shapes and Lights of Tokyo

So this is the first part of my recent Japan trip. We spent 4 days in Tokyo to do life-completing shopping around the town. Reaching Harajuku, not a single person was badly dressed at all. Everyone has their own style and I'm surprised at how they could actually manage to do layering in the hot humid weather of Summer. Food was amazing as always, candies and snacks were so freaking awesome couldn't resist. Ramen was legendary. I am so bloated and I should really pause on junk food and seriously concentrate on a healthy meal! We also spent time in Odaiba and I love the evening ambience in there. It was breezy and cool, a refreshing stop after all the walk. Tokyo was neat and clean and cozy. I'll be posting the second part when I have the chance! xx

Hurricane Streets

Monstore tee, Nikicio denim jacket, Sugarlips trousers, Naima loafers, Vashion Queen necklace

You guys know I'm a sucker for comfortable pieces. I'm currently pretty obsessed with this pair Cheyenne Aztec Pants I received from my latest sponsor, Sugarlips! Not only because of the flowy and breezy fabric, I love the Aztec print of the pants! Aztec tribal prints are currently my adoration and I love collecting pieces of this print. The necklace I was wearing was from Vashion Queen, another sponsor of mine. They have the most affordable pieces, providing unique and hard to find pieces! Check them out!

Yes I am just back from my vacation! I still can't believe I'm at home already, I enjoyed so much in Tokyo and Hong Kong! Pictures will be up soon, although I don't have any pictures from Hong Kong because the camera is just too heavy and we just want to be engrossed in shopping, hahahaha! Hope you all had a great vacation! xx


Last few Sundays, I went to Dunia Fantasi at Ancol for a while to accompany my buddy Evelyn to take pictures for photography class' final project. So I might as well bring my lazy camera to take some shots too. Anyway how are you guys doing? I am super glad that finals are over and I get to enjoy my vacation. I will be going to Tokyo & Hongkong on 13 August, and I'll be back at 24th! Expect some photography posts to come! Have a great holiday everyone! xx